HI Seller's

Greetings from VC Marketplace!

We have noticed you haven’t completed your registration process yet! You are just a step away from enjoying the benefits of one of the large online marketplace in India. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, and fill in the following details:


  • Business name: Name appearing on VAT/TIN form

  • PAN number

  • VAT/TIN number(optional for sarees/unstitched dress material). Uploading the scanned copy of VAT/TIN can be done after registration is completed.

  • Bank beneficiary details: The account holder’s name is the name of the person/entity in whose name the bank account is registered. You can enter the IFSC code if you know it, or you can use the search by bank, city and branch option to arrive at the same.

  • KYC (uploading of the KYC documents can be done after registration is completed). It contains the following

    • Cancelled cheque should be for the bank account mentioned above. In case the cheque book is not available, please upload the scanned copy of the account passbook.

  • Display name: The name displayed on the website. It can be the same as the business name, but it should not contain spaces or special characters, it should be less than 22 characters and should not have words like VINAY or COLLECTION in the display name.

  • Business description: Fill in details about the type of business you have and what is unique about it. This has to be limited to 250 characters or less.


    Payment Cycle: 31st/1st | 11th | 21st of Every Month

    Payment for Items sold from 26th - 5th   of every month will be released on 11th of every Month
    Payment for Items sold from  6th - 15th   of every month will be released on 21st of every Month

    Payment for Items sold from 16th - 25th of every month will bereleased on 31st/1st of every Month

    If any Product is returned a Debit note will be created against the vendor and the payment will be deducted from the next payable.